Explore the frontier of synthetic data and cognitive modeling.

Your data should be understandable and transparent, not a black box.

Don't go it alone. We're here to help.

This shouldn't be hard.

  • Discovering models and data
  • Bringing different models together
  • Reproducing work

Our Solution

A platform that encourages community building through model discovery and reuse.

Why us?

Semantic Technologies

We build synthetic data with embedded meaning. This lets you use that data with a wide range of models.


You can build decision-making models that can plan and act autonomously. We are infusing our platform with this cognition to make it easier for you.


There's no magic in our platform. You can see how decisions are made.

Our Technology

  • Supports your project from inception to production
  • Lets you build models and datasets in a sharable, composable way
  • Plays well with others

Who are you?

Data Scientist or Model Engineer

You want to build models that are easy to share and reuse.

Data Science Team

You want to collaborate building models and synthetic data.


You want to embed our platform in your business.